FOG design + art 2022

20 - 23 January 2022
Installation Views

Sarah Myerscough Gallery is pleased to announce that we are returning to FOG Design + Art fair in San Francisco in January 2022. We will be offering a presentation of our signature collections from our host of artist-designer-makers. This selection celebrates makers whose practices are grounded in craft-making traditions but defined by contemporary innovation and invention.


The dramatic centrepiece of our presentation is the handcarved Wavelet Table from Christopher Kurtz, Christopher is internationally celebrated for his unparalleled ability to disrupt and surpass our expectations of wood-based design and craft. Further highlights include the launch of the most ambitious of Gareth Neal’s Black Silica works; the SiO2 Vessel 1755. Standing at 175.5 cm tall (69”), with finely wrought undulating ridges of sand, this work is emblematic of Gareth’s commitment to playing with the limits of material construction and notions of craftsmanship. Marcin Rusak’s Perma collection, exclusive to Sarah Myerscough Gallery, will also feature Marcin’s innovative furniture-sculptures, made using the excess accumulated by florists. The discarded flowers are given a new life cycle by becoming the very essence of the material.  We are also thrilled to be introducing Marc Fish to our American audience. Marc’s Mokume-Gane Console is part of a special collection created for the gallery. 3500-year old Anglien Fens bog oak is combined with the mokume-gane process, which is a historical metal working technique from 17th Century Japan, mainly used in sword making. 


FOG will witness the unveiling of the new Bronze collection from Julian  Watts - the hand carved then cast candelabra demonstrates a bold new direction for the young American sculptor of wood. This organic meandering light piece will feature alongside a new monochrome iteration of the iconic Dodai bench from Peter Marigold and Tadanori Tozawa, the latest intricate feather work from Kate MccGwire, and sculptural work from Eleanor Lakelin, Marc Ricourt and Cristian Mohaded. We are also delighted to be introducing the work of new gallery artist Frances Pinnock.

Christopher Kurtz, Wavelet Table, 2021