Nic Webb


Nic Webb carves, scorches, burns, soaks and stains different species of fallen wood to create pieces that explore the natural drama of the material. He responds in a spontaneous, personal way to the individual character of each piece of wood, using intuitive processes to work in dialogue with the timber’s imperfections. He encourages cracks and splits to express themselves on the surface and contrasts areas of natural grain with highly polished smooth exteriors. The artist plays, too, with myriad shapes and forms - classical fluted vessels that swoop in graceful curves; mountainous rugged edges, or undulating dips and folds; and abrupt, angular pieces that openly reveal the artist’s sculpting hand. 


To achieve his powerful works, Nic uses traditional tools, modern methods as well as experimental forms of carving; he explores the natural elements of ice, water and principally fire to shape his work in an unbound and organic manner. Webb comments that, ‘as fire journeys into wood, forms are revealed, briefly seen and quickly disappear. These vessels begin in primitive crudeness, move through varying states of function, and evolve or ‘devolve’ towards a delicate border between existence and absence. On the whole, the fire and the wood burn as they wish. As the piece concludes, I intervene, shepherd and finally halt the progress of loss at the place before all remnants of the journey are gone.


After studying Fine Art at the University of Brighton, Nic spent several years in Cyprus before returning to London to work as a set builder. His studio is now based in the coastal region of East Sussex, UK. His work is at the forefront of British craft and has been exhibited extensively in the UK, as well as in the USA. He has pieces in significant international private collections across the world.  

  • Nic Webb, 300 Cuts, 2020
    Nic Webb
    300 Cuts, 2020
    75 H x 100 W x 85 D cm
  • Nic Webb, Flamed Oak Vessel, 2020
    Nic Webb
    Flamed Oak Vessel, 2020
    70 H x 50 W x 40 D cm
  • Nic Webb, Koru III, 2020
    Nic Webb
    Koru III, 2020
    Flamed Oak
    52 H x 42 W x 20 D cm
  • Nic Webb, Douglas Fir, 2020
    Nic Webb
    Douglas Fir, 2020
    Douglas Fir, flamed interior
    84 H x 57 W x 30 D cm
  • Nic Webb, Beechwood Fold, 2020
    Nic Webb
    Beechwood Fold, 2020
    66 H x 46 W x 22 D cm
  • Nic Webb, Cubit of Yew, 2020
    Nic Webb
    Cubit of Yew, 2020
    70 H x 80 W x 53 D cm
  • Nic Webb, On Balance I, 2020
    Nic Webb
    On Balance I, 2020
    34 H x 26 ⌀ cm
  • Nic Webb, On Balance II, 2020
    Nic Webb
    On Balance II, 2020
    38 H x 28 ⌀ cm
  • Nic Webb, On Balance III, 2020
    Nic Webb
    On Balance III, 2020
    45 H x 27 ⌀ cm
  • Nic Webb, Flamed Cherry Vessel, 2020
    Nic Webb
    Flamed Cherry Vessel, 2020
    46 H x 26 ⌀ cm
  • Nic Webb, Lost Vessel, 2020
    Nic Webb
    Lost Vessel, 2020
    35 H x 35 ⌀ cm