Every location has its own history, culture and community, which is inherently marked by human experience. Luke reflects upon this notion of place, often forged through industrialisation, and our enduring dependence on raw materials. Through processes of construction and the physicality of making, his work explores the complex layers of our society and infrastructure, in order to critique and understand the context in which we live. Using clay and other materials as a vehicle, Luke expresses his perceptions of landscape and the ambiguous relationship between humans and the natural environment. 


The artist's work embodies a raw energetic power; its variegated forms and unbounded textural surfaces are inspired by the parallel layers of rock strata built up over a period of time. This can be closely compared to his process of compacting and pressing clay layer by layer into a cardboard mould. His technical facility allows him to push the sculptural aspect of his work to new and unexpected forms, which recall naturally wrought compositions of rock and stone risen from the earth. 


Luke studied a BA in 3D Design and Craft from the University of Brighton and graduated from the Ceramics and Glass MA at the UK’s Royal College of Art in 2020. The artist has received a number of prestigious awards and bursaries, including the Nagoya University of Art, Japan, Grand Prize; the UK Business Design Centre Designer of the Year Award; The Anna Maria Desogus Memorial Graduate Award; a Franz Rising Star Scholarship; a Charlotte Fraser Scholarship; and The Richard Seager Bursary Award. He was also a Craeftiga Finalist in association with Hole & Corner. In 2022 the Victoria & Albert Museum acquired a major work by Luke Fuller, 'Lode'. This monumental sculpture of stoneware and porcelain was featured as part of our presentation Nature//Nurture at Collect Art Fair and was a centrepiece of Luke's seminal first solo exhibition 'Terra-Form'.

Installation shots