Morten Klitgaard


Morten Klitgaard's work explores notions of place and reflects on the influential effects of nature on both the landscape and its inhabitants. His pieces appear weatherbeaten, patinated by the rugged Danish coastal landscape the artist grew up in. Oxides, metal pigments and ash are applied during the final heating process, causing the surface of the glass to effervesce and create intricate textures and patterns. The work obscures our perception of material whilst successfully honouring the traditions of glass blowing; transcending the boundaries of contemporary craft and design.

In 2012, Morten graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from The Royal Danish Academy of Art, Bornholm, Denmark. In 2020 his work has been exhibited in major museum shows, including Van Eyck's Colours in Design at Design Museum Gent, Belgium; and Craft from Bornholm, at the Hempel Glasmuseum, Holbæk, Denmark. In 2019 he was shortlisted for the International Exhibitions of Glass Prize in Japan, and for the Stanislav Libenský Award in Prague.