Frances Pinnock


Frances Pinnock is an artist whose practice reflects upon the natural world and our connections to one another. Observational drawings, from subjects such as the human figure and growth formation of trees, filter through dreams and abstraction to become minimalist forms. 


These forms are realised as sculpture: biomorphic and figurative works as permanent records of the transitory and the ephemeral.  


Frances works with sole bend leather used within bespoke shoemaking practices, produced by the last traditional oak bark tannery in the UK. It is a rich and dynamic material that, for her, resonates with something akin to that of living wood.  She manipulates her medium through pattern cutting, and meticulously hand stitches her sculptures together using threads hand made from hemp and beeswax. 


In 2014, Frances graduated with a BA in Modelmaking from the Arts University Bournemouth before receiving both QEST and Heritage Craft Association scholarships to train in traditional hand sewn shoe making. In 2018 she received the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers’ award and established her artistic practice, exhibiting in group shows such as Future Heritage in 2021.