Cristian Mohaded hybrid design practice incorporates crafts, industry, tradition, and innovation. The gallery launched his elliptical ‘Floating Towers’ as part of The Natural Room collection. These are made using hand woven simbol, a plant fibre native to Catamarca, his home province in Argentina. The project began when he met Lorenzo Reyes, a local simbol weed knitter and teacher. Simbol knitting and basket techniques are preserved by local craftsmen who pass their knowledge and skills down through the generations. Mohaded works directly with the local simbol knitters to develop the use of the material into ambitious sculptural forms – while also supporting and preserving the historic knitting skills from his hometown.


Cristian graduated from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. In 2008, he founded his studio in Milan and now splits his time between Italy and Argentina. He has works in the permanent collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA; the Musée Les Arts Décoratifs, France; and the Argentine design heritage of Fundación –I–D–A (Research in Argentine Design).  

Installation shots

Cristián Mohaded presents the exhibition Territorio Híbrido (Hybrid Territory) at the National Museum of Decorative Art in Buenos Aires. From 12 Nov. 2021 until 6 March 2022.