Domingos Tótora


We believe that sustainability happens through actions and not words’ - Domingos Totora


Recycled cardboard serves as the base for Domingos Todos’ work. In a certified sustainable process, the cardboard is cut and treated with glue and agglutination derivatives and transformed into a mouldable cellulose mass. This material serves as a basis for furniture, objects and sculptural pieces. All the works are moulded by hand and then naturally dried in the sun. The beauty of Domingos’ work is not only manifested in the final product but also in his process; from the designer’s philosophy and respect for the environment embedded in his production techniques to the location of his studio in Maria da Fé in the mountainous region of Minas Gerais.


Domingos has exhibited internationally, including in Brazil, the USA, and across Europe. His work was presented at London’s Design Museum as part of the Furniture Designers of the Year exhibition (2012).