Tim Johnson


Tim Johnson’s Keeping Time baskets, which present natural materials in a direct and honest way, are at their very heart about time. The twining and folding that holds them together conceptually marks increments of being and are therefore a declaration of human presence; ultimately, the maker’s time is kept in the work as a trace of activity. 


The uncommon structures of the baskets recall the historical nature of his process; thatched and piled textiles like this date back to Neolithic times, when they were used in garments and shelters to provide our ancestors with insulation and weather protection. Tim re-presents this traditional way of making and embellishes it with his own innovations and techniques to further explore concepts of containment and protection, material, place and culture.  


Tim Johnson ’s work has been exhibited internationally, including his solo show Lines and Fragments at the Crafts Study Centre, Farnham UK and the  Korbmacher - Museum Dalhausen, Germany (both 2019); Basketry, Ruthin Crafts Centre, Wales (2019) Deeper Voice of Textiles, Newcastle, NSW, Australia (2017); Ports I Man, Museu de la Pauma, Spain (2013/14); Linking, Nationaal Vlechtmuseum, Netherlands (2012); and Cherry Basket, Johannes Larsen Museum, Keretminde, Denmark (2009).