What we loved at Design Miami 2022

Elana Castle, Effect Magazine, December 7, 2022
In their booth Material Shores (which was awarded the Best of Show for Best Gallery Presentation along with Magen H Gallery), Sarah Myerscough Gallery resisted the Miami-esque zeitgeist with a decidedly understated booth populated by overtly handcrafted pieces. “We typically lean into even more subtle colours and forms,” explains Myerscough. While the team may have brought a brighter palette to Miami, the presentation was still the immersive, museum-quality collection of functional design and art objects that we’ve come to expect from the UK-based gallery, championing innovative, sustainable and restorative design practices. The booth, in its palettes of bleached gold, captures the organic world experience as represented by what Myerscough describes as “an unworked shoreline, the grounding sensation of sunbaked sand and texture, the sightlines, and the sense of rhythm and the interconnectedness of all living and natural things.”