Outside In: Landscapes re-imagined in contemporary art & design.

1 - 27 October 2021

OFFSITE : 6 - 7 Motcomb Street Chelsea London SW1X

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm Saturday - Sunday 10am - 5pm


Outside In presents exceptional works of crafted art and design by international artist - designer - makers who define their practice through their ethical and emotional decisions to use organic, sustainable materials. These ancient materials; wood, willow, and grasses, are reimagined for the contemporary world as the makers express their devotion, both political and personal, to the natural world.


Sarah Myerscough conjures a vision of future interiors grounded in material choice and sustainability, and elevated by beauty and innovation. The palpable affiliation the artists have with their materials urges us to engage more deeply with the organic world around us.


While we look to increasingly digital and urban futures, this exhibition speaks to our innate desire for connection to the wild world our ancestors rose from, and allows us, in whatever small way, to bring that little remembered, now seldom touched, Outside, In. 


Featured artists include: Julian Watts, Peter Marigold & Tadanori Tozawa, Marcin Rusak, Ernst Gamperl, Lizzie Farey, John Makepeace OBE, Fernando Laposse, Felicity Irons / Rush Matters, Nic Webb, Gareth Neal, Max Bainbridge / Forest + Found, Cristian Mohaded, Diana Scherer, Caroline Sharp, Luke Fuller, Wycliffe Stutchbury, Maisie Broadhead, Angela Damman, Katrien Doms, Joe Hogan, Tim Johnson, Mami Kato, Eleanor Lakelin, Christopher Kurtz, Arko, Sophie Rowley, Marc Ricourt, Adi Toch, Jonathan Keep, James Rigler, Egeværk, Marcin Rusak and Michael Peterson.


Talk Series : Art through Nature

Featuring : Eleanor Lakelin Nic Webb & Max Bainbridge

Offsite: 6 - 7 Motcomb Street Chelsea London, SW1X


As part of London Craft Week and Outside In select gallery artists Eleanor Lakelin, Nic Webb, and Max Bainbridge offer unique insight into their relationship with the natural world.




Eleanor Lakelin : 5 October 11am
Eleanor's knowledge of the natural properties of wood result in forms that seem true to the spirit of the material and which encourage us to look at the complexities of nature with a new perspective.


Nic Webb : 6 October 11am
Nic carves, scorches, burns, soaks and stains different species of fallen wood to create pieces that explore the natural drama of the material.


Max Bainbridge : 7 October 11am
Max's exploration of the living tree is rooted in the physicality of the embodied vessel and carved object.


  • Marc Ricourt 03.06.21, 2021 Lime wood H 42.5 x 40 dia cm
    Marc Ricourt
    03.06.21, 2021
    Lime wood
    H 42.5 x 40 dia cm
  • Unnamed