Scorched By Sarah Myerscough At Fitzrovia Chapel, As Part Of London Craft Week: Exhibition

8 - 12 May 2019
Installation Views

Sarah Myerscough is delighted to present Scorched, an exhibition of scorched wood pieces by leading contemporary artists and designers, organised as part of London Craft Week 2019


'My ambition is to create a densely forested installation that will silhouette against the highly figured marble and gold mosaic of the chapel through a collection of hand-crafted scorched objects and unique furniture pieces using traditional wood working processes. The objective is to highlight the materiality of the work, celebrate wood and its significance in the world of craft, art and design and demonstrate the creative depth and infinite possibilities of working with this incredible material from traditional carving, turning and scorching to technological advancement. Wood is rarely considered a serious element of contemporary craft when compared to the giants of ceramic and glass, but hopefully this exhibition will present a real sea-change in such archaic perceptions.' - Sarah Myerscough 

Nic Webb, Waypoint, 2019