Design Miami Curio / Marcin Rusak White Perma Collection: Art Fair

5 - 8 December 2019
Installation Views

Read the Financial Times interview with Sarah Myerscough where she discusses the White Perma Collection and technology's relevance within craft; and The Design Edit's visit to Marcin Rusak's studio in Rotterdam discussing the collection for Design Miami.


His innovative furniture-sculptures are made using the excess accumulated by florists; the discarded flowers are given a new life cycle by becoming the very essence of the material. Marcin mines our perceptions of beauty and its transience; the petals, stems and buds encased within the Perma material appear like veins in marble or cavities in fossilised stones and create an unexpected array of colour combinations and painterly effects. These elements are completely stable within the material and will last a lifetime. Every now and again, however, a flower is cut through the middle during the planing process, meaning that it lives at the surface of the material, unprotected: this flower will eventually dry up and disappear entirely, leaving only a small cavity as a trace of its existence. These fleeting elements are just as valuable as those which remain; they poetically reflect the mutability of all living things.