Tectonics: Gallery Exhibition

27 February - 25 April 2020
Installation Views

Rock, stone and clay are ancient materials which speak of the nature of the planet and her crust, her masses surfacing in formations that have been eroded and transformed within the deep fabric of time. Limestone was not marble without immense compressions from volcanic reactions, nor clay deposits formed without the gradual chemical weathering of rocks.


The artists in this exhibition celebrate these ancient materials and exemplify the shifts in the methodologies, the sourcing, the reforming and informing of natural materials, shifts which are reinventing craft and design by incorporating the intricate interfaces of landscape, industry, chemistry, geology and ecology.


 As a collection, the works in Tectonics demonstrate innovative methods of building with matter, reinventing the crafting process by engaging in new ways with natural products of earth and time, connecting us to our most primordial beginnings. 

Luke Fuller, Shale, 2020