My Bella: Maisie Broadhead Solo Exhibition

30 June - 21 August 2020
Installation Views

Maisie Broadhead's series My Bella is comprised of two distinct bodies of work that are connected by the central figure of Bella, the artist’s sister and muse. Bella has appeared in Maisie’s images since her very first experiments with photography at the Royal College of Art over ten years ago. Since then, Bella has appeared in many different guises, yet she always embodies a sense of quietude, elegance and poise. The artist comments that, ‘the intimacy of our relationship means we communicate with ease and for me, Bella’s beauty is gentle and touching. I see myself in her, and more importantly, she has a quality of openness and stillness when I am looking at her, which points to a more general human condition.’


Ambiguity, a recurrent theme in Broadhead's work, lies at the heart of these images: ‘There is no easy narrative. As with real neighbours, in the glimpses we have into each other’s lives, knowledge is partial, obscured by our own preconceptions.’ (Annie Warburton, Through the Looking Glass: Caroline Broadhead and Maisie Broadhead, 2019).


A number of Maisie's prints are available in three differnent sizes. Please contact the gallery for further details.