Marc Ricourt

Ricourt sources the material for his organic wood objects from his local landscape in Dijon, France. He initially turns wood on a traditional lathe, then intricately carves and treats the surfaces through bleaching, dying or an application of ferrous oxide, to translate nature into sculpture. The artist intuitively creates a perfect harmony between wood, shape, texture and colour. He initially draws inspiration from the historicity of the utilitarian object, the vessel form: ‘I’ve based my work around a simple but very essential object, as it was the first tool created and used by mankind… Useful, yet mysterious, the closed vessel symbolically holds all mysteries and secrets of the human soul. My work on vessels has allowed me to develop a relationship between ancient or geographically remote cultures and civilizations and modern creations. The most important facet of my work is the research and exploration of new forms, colours, textures and finishes.’

Ricourt has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally. His work is placed in significant private and public collections, including The French Museum of Woodturning and the Arizona University State Museum, USA.