Nic Webb

Nic Webb’s Lost Vessels and Fire Bowls are born of a desire to work with wood instinctively in an attempt to free his work from the convention and perception of the made object. Using traditional tools, modern methods as well as elemental forces such as fire, ice, air and water he shapes and sculpts in an unbound and organic manner.

As fire journeys into wood, forms are revealed, briefly seen and quickly disappear. These vessels begin in primitive crudeness, move through varying states of function, and evolve or ‘devolve’ towards a delicate border between existence and absence. On the whole the fire and the wood burn as they wish. As the piece concludes, I intervene, shepherd and finally halt the progress of loss at the place before all remnants of the journey are gone. The objects that remain are forms captured moments before they disappear completely from our world. They are husks; the edges between being and not.

Nic Webb lives and works in East Sussex. He studied Fine Art at Brighton University, graduating in 1994 and tutors and lectures on elemental making.