Luke Fuller

“Clay is part of the geological platform on which we stand. It is a material that not only connects us to our most primitive beginnings but one that also offers a versatility and possibility to produce contemporary objects of craft and design as valid as any in the modern era. Clay is one of the original products of recycling, from mountain top to river bed, this natural material offers me the chance to engage with the elemental earth and, through practice, build upon the traditions and lineage of human making.”

Luke Fuller graduated in 2018 with a BA in 3D Design and Craft from the University of Brighton where he specialised in Ceramics. He has just started studying at the RCA on the MA Ceramics and Glass. His work and practice are influenced by place- “every location has its own history, culture and community, and thus provides an endless source of inspiration.”


2018: Business Design Centre Designer of the Year Award, Craeftiga Finalist in association with Hole & Corner, Nagoya University of Art, Grand Prize, The Richard Seager Bursary Award, The Anna Maria Desogus Memorial Graduate Award.

2017: The Anna Maria Desogus Memorial 2nd Year Award.