Liam Flynn

Liam Flynn’s family have been involved in joining and woodworking for generations. Flynn carries on the tradition, but his focus is on turning wood, specifically creating and refining the classic vessel form.

The artist has an exceptional skill for understanding the grain of the wood, compounded with a technical dexterity to predict how the wood will dry. He manipulates the woodturning process so that the line of the grain becomes an integral part to the creative design of the piece. This results in vessels that are breathtakingly simple and elegant, while also exceptionally complex to achieve.

Flynn has gained recognition, over time, for his work in Oak; whether ebonised or bleached to minimise or tone back colour, the emphasis has always been on the form. This ethos continues with his work in Ash, where the focus is on creating symmetry between the grain pattern and the shape of the vessel.

Flynn lives and works in County Limerick, Ireland. Almost entirely self-taught, he is now recognized as one of the world’s foremost woodturners. The artist’s work is in the permanent collections of Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK; Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK; National Museum of Ireland, Dublin; Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN; Wood Turning Center, Philadelphia, PA; Department of Foreign Affairs Ireland Collection and Crafts Council of Ireland. Flynn’s celebrated status as a maker in Ireland has recently been recognized through a retrospective exhibition at the Hunt Museum, Limerick. His work was featured on a new special edition stamp, issued to mark 2011 as the Year of Craft in Ireland.