Jenny Pockley

Jenny Pockley’s luminous cityscapes juxtapose distant views and street level angles, to display multiple perspectives and a dynamic, revealing way to view the urban environment. The distant views, which Pockley describes as a ‘network and spider web pattern of lights,’ are derived from the artist’s helicopter trips, while the street level paintings focus on the structure of iconic buildings.  Rather than portraying literal views, the two angles examine the effects of artificial light in shaping the structure of these cities from both near and afar.

Pockley’s vibrant contrast of shadow and colour offers hauntingly beautiful representations, which take on a hazy dreamlike quality. Vast skies swamp architectural landmarks in shrouds of rich, luminous colour, where shimmering light or beautifully smooth pigment applied over a gesso ground evoke the weight of rich emotional metaphor. Indeed, the artist’s poignant use of colour cultivates the viewer’s emotional investment in a city, using it to enliven buildings and views that have become signposts for memories and significant moments in one’s life. Individually, each work has a restricted colour palette, which allows the artist to focus on the emotive effects of a single hue through layering a combination of tones.  By abstracting the cityscape and focusing on these formal elements of light, colour, and line, Pockley creates serene and silent views where time is brought to a standstill, ultimately eliminating the hustle and bustle of the everyday city experience.

Pockley’s success at the gallery has been unrivalled, with six sell out solo shows and international exhibitions in Europe, America and Canada. Last year, the artist had major corporate commissions in Hong Kong and Dubai, and in 2011 she had important corporate commissions in New York, L.A., London, Barcelona, Kazakhstan, Melbourne, Macau and Tokyo. In 2011, the artist was also commissioned by Hilton Hotels to paint a monumental Syon House at 2.5 x 4 metres, to hang in the reception of the new Waldorf Astoria in Syon Park, London. Pockley has received a number of esteemed scholarships and awards, including the Landseer Scholarship; the Worshipful Company of Painters/Stainers Bursary; Leverhulme Trust Scholarship; the David Murray Travel Scholarship; the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award, and was commissioned for The Lancet 175th Anniversary Supplement. Pockley’s latest solo show “London’s Story’ ran from September to October 2014 at Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London.