Broken Beauty: Collect Art Fair - Craft's Council

26 February - 2 March 2021

This international collection explores the profound beauty of imperfection and vulnerability through a multiplicity of materials. The artists consider this question through their connection to the natural world, its resilience and vulnerability, while also acknowledging lost links between humanity and nature

There is a fragility of makingaccidental and constructed, and a fragility in the use of unprocessed materials that connect to the world around us. These objects are vulnerable yet ultimately strong, honest and integral to the defining conceptual vision of each artist. They speak of transient beauty, fragmented ecosystems and the inherent danger of unrestrained human intervention in the natural world. The objects are sensory, sensitive and reflective of an attitude and appreciation of nature that needs our love, protection and respect.
Through this collection, we also wish to focus on the role of the collector as an active agentinspired by an ongoing admiration for the works they have acquired from us by identifing with the physicality of material and vision of the artist's practice on an emotional level. We wish to encourage the idea of ownership as stewardship; a welcomed responsibility and ultimate joy that enriches our lives and reflects our sensibilities. 

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