Featured in top seven best stands by The Art Newspaper at Design Miami Basel 2015 by ben mcleavy

The gallery was selected by The Art Newspaper’s editor Jane Morris as one of her favourites at this year’s Design Miami Basel.

This also exists as a two-page article on the printed edition of The Art Newspaper: http://theartnewspaper.com/reports/157015/

Our represented artists also received individual press featured on the Blouin Artinfo website, including Peter Marigold’s Dodai Bench in ‘Ten ways to play with Tradition at Design/Miami Basel 2015’, Gareth Neal’s George Chest and Dominic Harris’s Moon Chandelier in ‘7 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use Technology at Design Miami/ Basel 2015’. The article also includes individual features on Marc Ricourt and  Ernst Gamperl. Please follow the links below:

Ernst Gamperl

Zaha Hadid and Gareth Neal

Dominic Harris

Peter Marigold

Gareth Neal

Marc Ricourt