Featured in top seven best stands by The Art Newspaper at Design Miami Basel 2015 / by ben mcleavy

The gallery was selected by The Art Newspaper’s editor Jane Morris as one of her favourites at this year’s Design Miami Basel.

This also exists as a two-page article on the printed edition of The Art Newspaper: http://theartnewspaper.com/reports/157015/

Our represented artists also received individual press featured on the Blouin Artinfo website, including Peter Marigold’s Dodai Bench in ‘Ten ways to play with Tradition at Design/Miami Basel 2015’, Gareth Neal’s George Chest and Dominic Harris’s Moon Chandelier in ‘7 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use Technology at Design Miami/ Basel 2015’. The article also includes individual features on Marc Ricourt and  Ernst Gamperl. Please follow the links below:

Ernst Gamperl

Zaha Hadid and Gareth Neal

Dominic Harris

Peter Marigold

Gareth Neal

Marc Ricourt